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Getting your solar panels checked or serviced

Maintenance of your solar panel system is important, as with any electrical system. Whilst solar PV systems are generally low maintenance, we’ve diagnosed and fixed a broad range of issues over the years. These vary from damage caused by squirrels or birds, to faults with equipment. 

Examples of good reasons to have your solar panels serviced or checked are:

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There’s a fault code or other issue showing on your inverter

Often this can be the first sign of an issue with your system. Bear in mind that your inverter is likely to need replacing at least once during the life of your solar system. 

Where possible, we will fix inverter faults ourselves. Where a replacement is required, we will help you to claim your replacement inverter under the manufacturer’s warranty where possible.

solar panel maintenance

You haven’t had your system checked and serviced in the last 3 years

The current recommendation is to have your solar panels serviced around once every 3 years. This can help to prevent faults before they occur, reducing any impact on your system’s generation.

During a service various checks will be carried out, including various inspections and electrical tests.

Inverter for Domestic Solar System

You’ve noticed a change in performance

It’s really important to monitor the output of your solar PV system. If you have a system with online monitoring, such as SolarEdge, this should be easy.

Otherwise, keep an eye on your energy bills and any generation or export payments you receive (such as the Feed-in Tariff or Smart Export Guarantee). When your system was installed, you should also have been given an estimate of performance so it’s a good idea to check actual generation against this.

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Why it matters who you choose to maintain your solar panel system

You need a solar PV expert to service and maintain your solar panels, just as you would for any specialist electrical system. If someone who isn’t qualified works on your system, there’s a risk they’ll do more harm than good. Key settings could be affected, or manufacturers’ warranties could be invalidated.

At SunGift, our core focus is on renewable electrical systems, such as solar PV. Our team have full training and years of experience in all aspects of solar PV, from design and install to fault-finding and maintenance.

We’re a Which Trusted Trader and we’re the highest rated installer through customer feedback on independent energy site, YouGen. So, you can rest assured that we’ll give you straightforward help and honest advice on any aspect of your solar panel system.

Having been in the industry since 2005, we have long-standing relationships with manufacturers. So, we’re perfectly placed to work with them and to negotiate warranty replacements.

Over the years, we’ve serviced and maintained thousands of systems, including those installed by other companies. So, we’ve fixed and serviced a huge range of systems.

Malcolm Waite
“When my solar… stopped working last year I went back to the company that put it in but they were unresponsive and their backup was non-existent. That’s when SunGift stepped in to help. Their service was second to none and they rectified the problem immediately, showing me how reliable they are as a company.”
Malcolm Waite, SunGift customer

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