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Solar car ports

Generate energy in your car park

We are one of the most experienced in the UK at designing and installing solar car port systems. We were the first to design and install a system of this kind on the top deck of a multistorey car park back in 2015. This was also at the time the largest of its kind. We have since installed systems across the UK.  

With a solar car port you can use your car park to generate energy. A specialist structure on top of the car parking spaces is fitted with solar PV panels and the energy generated can then be used on site or exported to the national grid.

These types of systems require very specialist design, to ensure that the structure is weatherproof and the system produces the right amount of energy. Our experienced team is always happy to discuss your options with you.


Exeter city council solar car ports
Bernard Ireson
Senior Building Surveyor, University of Exeter
Everything from SunGift’s communication, planning and problem solving is a testament to their experience and professional work ethic.

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