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LED lighting

Mount Edgcumbe House

Reduce your energy costs with LEDs

LED lighting is a cost-effective way to reduce your overheads and improve your green credentials. LED lights last longer and produce better quality light than conventional bulbs. They can improve many spaces including workplaces, schools, hospitals and factories.

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Make spaces brighter and safer, improving productivity

Marpool Primary School

Create a nicer, calmer space for learning

Mount Pleasant Health Centre

Improve patient welfare and reduce light-induced headaches

Rachel Pattison
Head teacher of Marpool Primary School
The lights have now been installed for three months, and we are seeing the savings that SunGift forecast in their proposal. The school is better lit, and has a more up-to-date feel about it!
Stephens Scown LED lighting installation 2017

The SunGift approach

We’ve been at the forefront of clean energy since 2005, so we understand how important it is for your system to fit your needs.

We’ve completed a wide range of projects, from Westpoint arena to Ashfords solicitors. We’ve even upgraded lighting at a specialist care hospital unit, successfully working around a 24-hour working ward.

We’ll come out to your site, carry out a no-obligation survey and then provide you with a bespoke proposal for upgrading your lighting, including predicted energy savings. We carefully select the manufacturers we work with to ensure we can offer you the most appropriate options. We’ll work with you from start to finish, from design through to aftercare.

If you’re interested in LED lighting options, just get in touch.

Jaime Thornton
Stephens Scown LLP
At Stephens Scown we are focused on keeping up to date with energy efficiency. We are already seeing significant financial savings and our offices are more clearly lit, so LEDs are a win-win!

The benefits of upgrading to LED lighting

Stephens Scown LED installation

Huge energy savings

LED lighting uses up to 70% less energy than conventional lighting, reducing energy costs and improving your building’s EPC rating.

Marpool Primary

Improved working environment

Improved lighting has been shown to have a direct effect on workplace performance. LED lighting can offer exceptional light levels and comes in a range of tones and colours, so it can be used to suit your environment and needs.

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Lower maintenance

LED lighting lasts much longer than conventional lighting, reducing replacement and maintenance costs. LEDs are a well-established technology and now come with longer product warranties, for added peace of mind.

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LED lighting can be installed with intelligent controls, such as sensors and daylight harvesting, saving more energy.

Why upgrade to LED lighting?

Marpool Primary
Marpool Primary School LED installation

LED lighting upgrades for schools

More and more schools are choosing to upgrade their lighting to LED lighting. Schools and other public sector organisations can access interest-free loans to invest in energy saving technology such as solar PV and LED lighting, through a body called Salix.

Salix is a publicly-funded body which offers invest-to-save schemes. This means that a loan can be used to pay the capital cost of the upgrade, then paid back through the savings made from the LED lighting. So, schools can invest without tying up valuable cash.

We’ve upgraded lighting at numerous schools across the Southwest. If you’re interested in LED lighting for your school just contact us.

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Marpool Primary School
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