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Frequently asked commercial questions

What impact does the orientation of my roof have on the viability of a solar installation?

As the sun moves throughout the day the output of your solar PV system will vary. Whether you get more generation in the middle of the day, the mornings or the afternoons is dependent on which direction your roof is facing. The pitch of your roof also has an impact on the times of year that your system generates more or less energy.

In terms of overall output, a south-facing roof generates the most energy, which is at its highest during the middle hours of the day. East and west-facing roofs will generate the most energy at the beginning or end of the day.

Even north-facing roofs are often a viable option depending on the pitch of the roof.

At SunGift, our goal is to give you the system that will work best for you, both economically and practically. To calculate the true financial benefits of a system, it’s really important to look at your requirements as a whole, rather than just the amount of energy it’s possible to generate. This means, we take into account your usage patterns throughout the day to give you a clear idea of how much you can look to save.

How much energy can my solar panels save me?

When assessing the financial benefits of solar PV for your business, we take a huge variety of factors into account, including:

  • Your premises, and any available space
  • Your existing electrical setup
  • Your energy consumption and usage patterns
  • Your connection to the grid
  • Your aims

Taking all of this into account allows us to deliver a proposal that is in line with your goals, both financial and environmental.

Due to the decrease in price of solar panels, it’s now more financially viable than ever to have them installed. To find out whether a solar PV system might be a good choice for your company, get in touch.

Do I need planning permission?

There are various factors to take into consideration when it comes to planning permission for commercial sites. It’s vital that work is planned and undertaken by a reputable and knowledgeable company who will abide by these rules.

To discuss the particulars of your premises, please get in touch.

Are batteries worth it?

Batteries have an important part to play in the smart energy era. Their uses and operating modes are manyfold and include a number of revenue streams too. However, batteries are not suitable for every company.

At SunGift, we will never advise you to go ahead with a system that we know won’t benefit you or suit your requirements. To discuss whether battery storage could be suitable for your company, please get in touch.

Why are the panels and inverters you supply better than other options?

Here at SunGift, we put a lot of time and effort into researching the products we use. Although we are not tied to any manufacturers in particular, we have developed long-lasting and close relationships with the companies we work with. These relationships often allow us to be first-in-line for the innovative, cutting-edge new products that our manufacturers supply.

The key thing we look for is longevity; an installation will only benefit your company and the environment if it works for a long time. We take a long-term view and only use products we know can support this.

SunGift will only ever work with manufacturers that uphold our core values of sustainability and ethical practice, so you can rest assured that one of our installations will not only provide state-of-the-art technology, it will be based around ethically sound principles.

What makes SunGift the best choice of renewable installer?

At SunGift, we want to give our customers the very, very best on offer. We believe a long-term approach is best for our customers, best for the environment, and it’s best for us too!

SunGift has been around for fifteen years, and we are dedicated to being here for every step of your journey towards sustainability.

Developing renewable energy systems that benefit our customers is our sole focus. We are incredibly proud of our knowledgeable and dedicated team, whose engineering and physics degrees underpin every calculation we make.

As with any company, we have made mistakes along the way. The reason we have gone the distance when many others haven’t is that we have learnt from these, using the knowledge to produce even better work.

A SunGift system is so much more than a solar PV installation. A SunGift system is a distillation of years of expert knowledge, tailor made to your company’s precise requirements by industry leading experts.