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There are many options when it comes to energy storage. Batteries can offer over 30 potential revenue streams and which is best for you depends on many factors. 

As one of only a handful of UK installers that are Tesla Powerpack certified, you can feel comfortable that we’re the experts in designing, installing and maintaining energy storage systems.  

An introduction to commercial energy storage

Commercial energy storage is a vital player in the new smart grid era. An increasing amount of renewable energy is being generated at sites across the UK.

Renewable energy generation is intermittment, generating more when its sunny or windy. Because both end users and the grid need energy at different times, energy storage is needed to ensure a smooth supply. Batteries can play a part here on many scales, saving on energy costs for the end user and reducing strain on the grid. For example, they can:

  • store excess energy generated by on-site solar PV, then make this energy available at times of peak demand
  • import energy when its cheap and then provide this energy on-site at peak times (time of use load shifting)
  • provide additional income through grid services, essentially being called upon to provide energy to the grid when needed
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Bernard Ireson
Senior Building Surveyor, University of Exeter
Everything from SunGift’s communication, planning and problem solving is a testament to their experience and professional work ethic. We chose SunGift because of their impressive proposal for the project, which went above and beyond our expectations. The quality of their work did not disappoint, and I’m incredibly impressed with their installation. I look forward to working with SunGift in the future.

Getting the right system for you

As each system and setup is individual, we’ll assess your circumstances before advising you. We’re here for the long term so we’ll always give you honest advice and if a battery system isn’t currently the best option for you, we’ll let you know. We’ll consider:

Tesla Megapack
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Your requirements

this includes your energy usage profile, your budget, and what you want to achieve.
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Your site

your existing infrastructure and how much the local grid can accommodate will affect whether you can have a battery, what size, and the costs involved. We can undertake initial enquiries on your behalf, along with site surveys, to ascertain what’s possible.
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Income streams

if you’re looking to take advantage of the potential income available for offering grid services, we can talk to you about current energy conditions and prices. We work with a number of aggregators who generate revenue streams from fleets of batteries.

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Tesla Megapack

Introducing Tesla

We make it our business to work with the best manufacturers the world has to offer. We’re very proud to be amongst a handful of UK installers that are Tesla Powerpack certified. Which of Tesla’s batteries is best for you will depend on your site and your requirements.


Tesla Powerwall multiple installation

Tesla Powerwall

Suitable for small scale commercial application. They are single phase so one Powerwall must be balanced per phase. Up to 10 Powerwalls can be fitted at one site, dependent on your needs.

Tesla Powerpack

Tesla Powerpack

Medium scale battery of choice for commercial customers. Provides a range of on-site benefits and income streams from grid services.

Tesla Megapack

Tesla Megapack

Large-scale battery solution for high energy users. Provides a range of on-site benefits and income streams from grid services.

Gabriel Wondrausch, SunGift MD with Met office array

Why choose SunGift?

Industry pioneers

Because we’ve been at the forefront of our sector since its infancy, we’ve designed and installed projects of all shapes and sizes, working with businesses from large multinationals right through to local SME’s and charities.

Award-winning ethos

We’re often chosen in competitive tenders because our experience allows us to offer solutions that others cannot. Our approach and ethos have won us numerous awards over the years.

Long-term approach

We specialise in understanding your site and requirements, putting extra time into designing the most suitable system right from the start. With something as complex as a commercial storage system, this is vital. The system must work in harmony with, and support, your business.

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