The Ebdon Family

Ebdon Family

When Vic Ebdon contacted SunGift to design a system for his zero-carbon new-build property, he was so impressed by the company’s expertise, technical knowledge and customer service that he recommended their work to his whole family

After experiencing the high-quality work that SunGift carried out at his property Vic recommended SunGift to his son Chris, his daughter Jane, and his mother-in law’s property, and just a couple of years later SunGift had installed solar panels on their houses too.


Size of systems: Four individual systems all between 3-4 kWp

Year of installations: 2011, 2012 & 2014

Ebdon House

“SunGift’s approach has been impeccable throughout. I’ve had no problems recommending them to the children and I have no hesitation in recommending them to anybody.”

Vic Ebdon, homeowner

Ebdon Family

The Ebdon’s houses are all situated on the same plot of land but each one has been individually designed to suit the family members’ needs.   SunGift provided a variety of different solutions including a flat-roof mounting system on Vic’s roof, a tiled-roof mounting system on his son and daughter’s house and a slate-roof mounting system on his mother-n-law’s house.  All of the systems are between 3 kWp and 4kWp.

“I’m currently getting 12% return on investment every year,” said Chris Ebdon, “and my electricity bills are so much lower than they would have been.

Daughter Jane added: “My brother and my father had previously had installations from SunGift and they were really happy with the work that had been done from start to finish – the whole process.  I trusted my dad’s judgment and went with SunGift too.”

As Jane’s system was retrofitted to the house after it had been built, SunGift designed the system with the inverter located on the outside of the property to minimize disruption.