Zero-carbon development

Heritage Homes' zero-carbon development


Location: Topsham, Devon
Energy per year: 160,000 kWh
CO2 savings per year: 250,000 kg

SunGift’s close collaboration with prestigious developer Heritage Homes on their zero-carbon development set new standards in the integration of solar PV into new-build housing projects. Due to our involvement from the very beginning, we were able to ensure that each house achieved zero-carbon status, rather than just the development as a whole.

Each house required a bespoke system due to their unique characteristics, including roofs facing different directions, various shading issues, and unique roof-pitch angles. By overcoming these challenges we helped show how zero-carbon living is possible with solar PV and integrated technologies.

We have found that SunGift have always been extremely professional, informative and reliable when it comes to working with us.
Jo Hole, Sales and Marketing Manager, Heritage Developments

A video testimonial from the project manager can be viewed here.

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