Market Carpets


Location: Market Carpets, Exeter
No of LEDs installed: 56 of various design
Energy savings: 65% saving on lighting bills

LEDs at Market Carpets

Market Carpets is a large store based in Exeter. It is important that customers can see the products in their full glory. When considering upgrading their dim conventional lighting, Market Carpets decided to have a free survey carried out by SunGift. The results of the survey showed that as well as improving the lighting conditions throughout the store, the company would substantially reduce their electricity bills.

After the install, Market Carpets discovered that they were saving 65% on their lighting bills, with a pay back period of only 3 years.  Added to this, they can feel good about their impact on the environment, as they are saving 13.3 tonnes of CO₂ each year.

“The whole process was incredibly easy from start to finish. We’ve really benefitted from making this change to our lighting. I had no idea LEDs would make this much of a difference compared to our original lights.” 

Gary Burch, Director

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