Laira Green Primary School


Location: Laira Green School, Plymouth
No of LEDs installed: 300 lights of various designs
Energy savings: 64% saving on lighting bills

Laira Green Primary School brightens up

Laira Green School, Plymouth, contracted SunGift to carry out a thorough energy-efficiency survey of their premises. The survey highlighted the areas in which the school would benefit most from replacing their old lights with LEDs.

The survey lead to a detailed proposal in which SunGift explained exactly how much energy the school would save by making the switch.

SunGift’s proposal considered both the power output and hourly usage of the lights, so the school was completely informed before going ahead with the installation.

After installing over 300 LED lights the school’s energy bills dropped by 64%. On top of this impressive energy saving, the school can also be proud of their highly reduced CO₂ emissions, which have decreased by 18 tonnes each year.

Taking away the hassle for schools:

As an experienced LED specialist, SunGift:

  • Met with key staff to discuss the school’s requirements
  • Carried out detailed site surveys
  • Provided all the facts in an open and honest proposal
  • Designed a bespoke system
  • Specified predicted energy and CO2 savings
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