Carbeile School


Location: Carbeile School, Plymouth
No of LEDs installed: Almost 300
Energy savings: 66% saving on electricity bills

Carbeile School provides a better learning environment for their students

It’s important that a school environment is well lit so that concentration and learning are optimised. For Carbeile School their old, dim lights were replaced by highly-efficient LEDs throughout the building.

The school is now better lit and they save almost 66% on their yearly energy bills. With these savings, the cost of the installation will be paid for within 5 years.

“We were extremely pleased with the initial advice we received from Fred when first investigating LED lighting. We were able to view different types of lighting so that we could make an informed choice.

We also had invaluable help with the finance applications and benefited from a Carbon Trust grant because Fred was able to support us throughout both processes.

The lights themselves provide a fresher look to the whole building. Classrooms are brighter but without the glare of the old strip lighting, this is of huge benefit in smaller rooms and offices.”

Tracy Cullerton, Senior Administrator, Carbeile School

Taking away the hassle for schools:

As an experienced LED specialist, SunGift:

  • Met with key staff to discuss the school’s requirements
  • Carried out detailed site surveys
  • Provided all the facts in an open and honest proposal
  • Designed a bespoke system
  • Specified predicted energy and CO2 savings
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