Audify Ltd


Location: Audify Ltd, Exeter
No of LEDs installed: 32 lights
Energy savings: 52% saving on lighting bills

Audify Ltd revamp their waiting room

In a healthcare environment, LED lighting has been shown to have a better impact on wellbeing than traditional lighting. They are less likely to cause headaches, nausea and stress, improving the comfort of patients in a waiting-room, for instance.

Audify, a hearing care specialist, were curious to experience the benefits of LEDs first hand, so contacted SunGift to arrange our free energy-efficiency survey.

After designing a bespoke system, SunGift fitted the entire Audify premises with energy efficient LEDs, saving the business over 52% on their electricity bills.

In addition to the energy savings, the health benefits make LEDs the ideal choice for healthcare facilities.

We noticed that the offices above our business had been modernised with new lighting.  When we asked them about it, they informed us that SunGift had installed LED lighting tiles throughout their offices. SunGift have since installed our new lights at Audify and we’ve been very pleased with the results. When you walk into the practice it now feels far more like being in good natural daylight, even when it’s miserable outside. It’s easier to concentrate yet the ambience is more relaxing. The energy savings are a plus too.”

Curtis Alcock, Managing Director

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