Advanced Pallet Systems Ltd


Location: Advanced Pallet Systems Ltd, Bideford
No of LEDs installed: Over 300 of various design
Energy savings: 64% saving on lighting bills

Advanced Pallet Systems make advances in their lighting

At Advanced Pallet Systems, a manufacturers in  Bideford, many of the original overhead lights had issues beyond repair, and several fluorescent tubes were very dim and flickering. All of these problems were resolved once the LEDs were installed, resulting in higher quality lighting and clearer visibility throughout the work space, improving safety for employees.

On top of this, studies have shown that LEDs enhance employee productivity and alertness, which helps improve the efficient running of the business.

With a much safer working environment for factory employees, increased efficiency and an energy saving of up to 70%, the benefits of LEDs are obvious.

“The new lighting set-up is staggeringly better than what we had previously. The conditions are brighter, making the factory a much safer place to work for our employees. We are also starting to see the huge savings in our electricity bills and I’m looking forward to seeing more!”

Alan Bowes

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