If you were lucky enough to see us exhibiting at the recent Devon County Show, you’ll also have seen the most recent addition to our fleet – the SunGift Solar Van.

Emblazoned with the usual SunGift branding – the vehicle is a working example of just how impressive solar PV technology van be.  Featuring its own solar PV panels (which fold away as you drive and then opens out again when parked), the van is striking and unmistakeable, attracting lots of attention and educating anyone that catches a glimpse of it about the benefits of renewable energy.

But what’s so special about it?  Well, while many exhibition pieces simply show the technology – the SunGift Solar Van actually works – and it works well.  It’s a regular van fitted with a whole solar PV array.  It is wired to a conventional house distribution board that supplies electricity to 240 volt sockets, while it also charges a battery bank so it can supply continuous electricity for more than eight hours. The energy is then used by the SunGift crew to power appliances such as kettles…or anything else for that matter.  What was once a technology that people thought could only be used on buildings can now be driven around and shown to people at various locations.

So, keep your eyes peeled for the SunGift Solar Van, because we could be coming to an event near you.  And if you have an event that you would like the SunGift Solar Van to visit, please email our marketing manager Gary Cook (gary@sungiftsolar.co.uk) and he’ll see if there is space in its busy diary.

For more information on the SunGift Solar Van, click here (http://goo.gl/lv1Ja).