From the South West to Scotland – SunGift Energy’s Pioneering Work is Taking Us Across the UK!

Dundee in Scotland is taking steps to become a leading city for electric vehicles (EVs). As we previously installed solar panels on two of Exeter’s car parks , they knew we could take on the unique challenges of installing solar panels alongside EV charging points on the upper level of a public car park.
There are very few multi-storeys in the UK with solar panels on the top deck and, due to our technical expertise, we are a specialist in this area.
Top deck installations have particular health and safety considerations, as well as logistical issues to take into account, such as where support structures are and how much weight the upper levels are able to take.
We have a specialist team from design specification to manufacture and installation. We also work with structural engineers and metal fabricators to come up with the best solution.
For this project in Dundee, we created a bespoke design which gives car park users covered parking on the top storey, while also providing electricity which can be used directly for charging EVs or for the general running of the car park.
Working alongside Swarco, who installed the EV charge points, we’re looking forward to installing more bespoke projects like this in the future.