30 landowners and businesses learn why our flagship biomass scheme is so beneficial

30 landowners and businesses learnt why our flagship biomass scheme at Escot House is reaping them tremendous rewards when they attend the scheme’s official launch event this month. 

Hosted by SunGift in conjunction with estate owners John-Michael and Lucy Kennaway the evening included a full tour of Escot’s biomass boiler room and woodchip store, an introduction to renewable energy and presentations on how biomass can be used to lower heating bills.

“It was an excellent evening,” said Sungift managing director Gabriel Wondrausch, “ and a real eye-opener for many business who had not realised that a biomass system could so financially beneficial and provide constant heat for such large and diverse estates and properties.

In addition to the presentations and tour of the bespoke boiler room and woodchip store, attendees were also treated to a buffet provided by Escot House and other refreshments.

To find out how a biomass solution could help your business save money and keep warm visit https://www.sungiftsolar.co.uk/biomass/ or contact a member of our design team on 01392 213912, designteam@sungiftsolar.co.uk.