Renewable heating

The domestic RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive) is a Government subsidy designed to help householders swap carbon intensive heating systems for lower carbon alternatives. Following consultation, domestic RHI payments have been given the go-ahead to increase by up to 33%.

Once you’ve had an MCS-approved renewable heating system installed you’re eligible to apply for the RHI. Under the RHI, quarterly payments are made to you for 7 years. Payments are based on your property’s deemed energy requirements, determined according to your property’s EPC (energy performance certificate).

The increases are due to take effect this spring. But, if you have a system installed between now and then, the increase will automatically be applied to you when it comes into force.

The amount of RHI you can claim will depend on the type of system you have installed. The main types of renewable heating are heat pumps and biomass. Biomass systems burn sustainably sourced fuels such as logs, woodchip and pellets. Heat pumps harness naturally occurring heat in the ground, air and water and use this energy to provide space heating and hot water. The most suitable system for you will depend on your building, your location and your needs.

For a more detailed explanation of the RHI increases, click here.

Renewable heating systems are very site specific and it’s imperative to have a heating system designed to suit your building and your energy needs.  Your system will also need to be installed by a certified installer such as SunGift for you to claim the RHI. If you’d like to discuss renewable heating for your home, contact us on 01392 213912 or