This article was first release in March 2017.

Tesla Powerwall 2

We mentioned in our Christmas newsletter (2016) that Tesla had launched a new battery, the Powerwall 2.

A year or two ago, if you didn’t use the energy your solar PV produced at the time, your solar energy would go straight back to the national grid. Your energy wouldn’t be wasted, but you wouldn’t directly benefit either. Since our lifestyle dictates that we need energy  when the sun has gone down, this was always seen as the main drawback of solar energy.

Now, battery storage means that your precious free energy can be stored so you can use it later on.

The energy from your solar panels will firstly be used to power your home or building. After that, the energy will be directed to your battery and stored. Then, when your panels aren’t generating, this energy will be released and used first, before you buy any energy in from the grid. We explained the interaction between a battery and solar panels here.

The Powerwall 2 can store 14kW of solar energy, which is twice as much as its predecessor. And, we think it looks pretty stylish too. You can see the brochure for the Powerwall 2 here.

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