It’s no secret that, here at SunGift, we work hard to attract the most talented university graduates who we believe will help deliver the best and most technologically advanced systems for you.  And Joe Perry is certainly no exception to this rule. With a BSc (hons) in renewable energy design and a passion for creating the best possible systems for customers, Joe is a vital member of our team and is our resident expert at solving a wide range of PV issues! Specialising in domestic PV systems, Joe is not only an expert at standard installations, but also he’s designed more than 500 new-build, retrofit, in-roof, or ground-mounted projects.  He’s spent time in our on-site installation team too, which means he has considerable practical as well as design experience. So, whatever your domestic requirements – from 1.2kWp right up to 50kWp systems – contact Joe ( and he’ll be able to help you with your enquiry, give you advice about what you require, and design the perfect solution for you. When he’s not dishing out solar PV expertise Joe enjoys travelling – in fact his interest in renewables first manifested itself after visiting a variety of sustainability projects while traveling through Asia. If you are interested in solar PV please call Joe on 01392 213912 or send him an email at Find out more about our team of experts at SunGift Solar.