Completed Escot biomass boiler heats stately home, coach house restaurant & 7 properties. Our system saves state thousands in fuel bills each year.

SunGift has brought Escot House – a stately home that was built in the 1840s – well into the 21st century with the addition of a 190 kW biomass boiler.

The purpose-built system is our biggest to date, and it heats the stately home, its coach house restaurant, and seven properties.

Owners Lucy and Mish Kennaway investigated getting the high-tech system when the price of oil for their traditional boiler started to rocket – and they were thrilled to find out that, not only will the system save them more than thousands per year in fuel costs, but also it has reduced their carbon emissions by 95 tonnes per year and made the buildings on their estate much warmer and more comfortable.

“It’s a wonderful feeling to be helping the environment, and doing something that saves us money and helps us continue developing our business,” said owner Lucy Kennaway.  “Since Mish and I took over the running of the estate almost 30 years ago we’ve tackled the restoration head on, doing our utmost to develop Escot’s activities in harmony with our natural environment, so our new addition fits in perfectly with that philosophy.

“Our tenants are delighted too,” she added, “as we are now able to provide their houses and apartments with constant hot water and heating, which makes a big difference to how comfortable their properties are over winter.

We installed the system, which is housed inside a purpose-built boiler house, in woodland at the back of the Escot estate.  The boiler provides heat and hot water for the manor house and accompanying buildings.  We’ve also provided simple-to-understand information boards for visitors and school parties, so that they can be educated on how the biomass system works and discover the environmental benefits of woodfuel.

“The system at Escot really is an example of the most modern and efficient biomass technology,” said Jamie Burnham, our biomass system designer.  “It shows that woodchip is a clean, easy-to-use fuel that fits in perfectly with the needs of a modern business.  The boiler room and fuel store, which we purpose-built to Escot’s requirements, are also extremely well presented, as opposed to the perception of old boiler rooms which often look unsightly and dirty.”

As the biomass boiler installed uses sustainable woodfuel, which is supplied by local business Brendonhill Tree Services, Escot is eligible to receive 20 years of payments from the government’s renewable heat incentive (RHI).  This means that it will receive 8.6 pence per unit for the majority of the heat it generates.  As a result, the Kennaways will generate a return on their initial investment of more than 10 per cent per year, while also helping them do even more towards preserving their natural environment.

“Biomass systems are an excellent solution for large estates and commercial businesses like Escot,” added Jamie.  “The RHI gives businesses the chance to move away from their reliance on large energy companies for fuel and allows them to invest in a technology that is paid back in a number of years, receives generous government incentives, and uses a sustainable local fuel source.

Lucy Kennaway added: “It’s made a huge difference to the way we run our heating here at Escot, and we’re thrilled with the work that SunGift has carried out – the boiler room looks exceptional and their work has been meticulous.”

By SunGift Solar