Increasing numbers of businesses are now realising the money that they can save through LED lighting solutions, so over the past couple of months SunGift has expanded our LED department.

Why is this?

The main reason is energy savings and cost savings: our LED lights use 80-85% less energy than incandescent bulbs and LED upgrades are eligible for Enhanced Capital Allowance, which means businesses could save a further 20% through a reduction in tax. With minimal upfront costs – planned and installed correctly – our LED lighting can help you:

  1. Reduce energy consumption
  2. Save significant amounts on lighting bills – between 60% and 80%
  3. Reduce maintenance time as most LED lights last for 5+ years
  4. Have an integrated, modern ‘motion sensor system’, which only has lights on when required
  5. Make your staff more comfortable and therefore productive
  6. Track and manage your lighting system through software.
  7. Maintain their luminance throughout their lifespan
  8. Work well in cold temperatures, so ideal for businesses with refrigeration units
  9. Contain zero mercury, so they create a much safer environment for staff

SunGift customers saving up to 80%

Some of our recent LED installs are saving SunGift customers 80% on their lighting bills with a payback period of just four years. And because energy consumption is lower, CO2 emissions figures drop too, which improves green credentials.

Businesses benefit from well-planned LED lighting, so why not contact our LED expert Nick Barton for advice.

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