We’ve always felt that businesses in the renewable energy industry (or any industry for that matter) should adhere to the very highest standards, which is why – when Devon & Somerset Trading Standards launched their ‘Buy with Confidence Scheme’ in 2008 – SunGift was the very first renewable energy company to get involved.

“We’re in favour of anything that helps rid the world of rogue traders,” said Gabriel Wondrausch, managing director of SunGift Energy, “and that’s exactly what this scheme does.”

Buy with Confidence has just launched a new website, which makes it even easier for householders to find a company – whether they’re a solar PV installer or any other type of business – that they know they can trust to do the right job.

Why you can trust a Buy with Confidence company

“SunGift has never shied away from being assessed,” added Gabriel, “so it’s reassuring to know that Devon & Somerset Trading Standards put every business that applies for the scheme through a rigorous application programme.”

The agency personally checks every business that applies, ensures they are aware of and following the law, and also that they have a good customer service record. A company is only allowed to join the Buy with Confidence scheme when Trading Standards feel confident that it is complying with the law and treating its customers fairly.

If you’d like to find out if a company is approved by Devon & Somerset Trading Standards, visit the Buy with Confidence website. You could even leave a review there of our work if you’re an existing customer.

Of course, SunGift is accredited to and regulated by many industry bodies, which guarantee that we are knowledgeable and qualified in the areas that we work in. To find out more about SunGift’s professional credentials visit this page.