When the Western Morning News was running a story on the lack of solar farms that won the governments’ ‘Contracts for Difference’, they came straight to SunGift’s Gabriel Wondrausch for expert comment.  But Gabriel was clear that, for us, the news was much more about a shift in focus from solar farms back to rooftop solar.

He said: “This change in government policy has seen a shift of focus back to solar PV systems on rooftops. For many in the Westcountry this is actually a very positive step, as the emphasis is now firmly back on systems that will help businesses and homeowners to not only reduce their energy bills but also generate a healthy return on their investment.

“The price of solar PV installations for these customers has settled over the past year, and here at SunGift we’ve certainly noticed the difference. There are now much more stable and predictable Feed-in Tariffs rates, which are encouraging additional businesses and householders to go renewable.”

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