…by almost 100 recommendations.

For us at SunGift, it’s all about giving our customers the most positive experience possible of renewable energy. So, when we get exceptional feedback, it’s not just a nice ‘pat on the back’ it also it shows us that we’re still doing the right thing and it spurs us on to provide even better service.

That’s why our status as the number one installer on consumer website YouGen is so important to us. YouGen is not only packed with useful information for anyone thinking of opting for renewable energy, but also it acts like the TripAdvisor of the renewable energy world with customers able to rate the job a renewable energy installer has done for them – good or bad. Those results go live, and anyone looking to have a renewable energy system installed is able to see them. We were therefore please when we checked this week and saw that not only are we still at the top, but – with 238 5-star recommendations – we’re almost 100 recommendations in front of the next nearest installer.

So, if you’d like to let others know what you thought of the work that

we carried out at your property, why not visit www.yougen.co.uk/company-results and drop in a review of how you think we operated.