Two months ago we told you about the new Watt solar thermal collectors that we have been using in installation, and this month Gabriel went out to Poland to ensure that the every part of their operation is as good as the technology they produce.  And he wasn’t disappointed.  While he was there Gabriel witnessed

an admirable company culture, exceptional quality control measures, and stringent systems.

Gabriel said: “With manufacturers we work with we always carry out initial research to ensure the manufacturer has the right technical, quality, product and cost structure to deliver the products and service standards we require. After this process, I feel it is extremely important and beneficial to investigate further through site visits to the manufacturing base and headquarters, as it allows us to obtain an excellent understanding of the personality of the company to ensure that it is compatible with ours. This is very important to me, as a relationship with a manufacturer needs to be a long term partnership.

“I was met by Watt’s extremely helpful representative, Jacek, who took me to Watt’s huge, purpose-built manufacturing facility (the third largest in the world) and headquarters. This was certainly a very impressive start.

“The family company was started by owner Sebastian Paszek – an installer who started making solar thermal collectors to use in his own installation. I believe these beginnings have ensured the product has been designed and technically pushed by someone who really knows the whole process of solar thermal and the important factors that make a great panel. The factory is almost completely automated, there are purpose-built machines designed by him, award-winning processes within the production line, and almost one complete line from the raw material coming in to the packaged product coming out the other end. I have been to other solar thermal manufacturing plants and I can assure you it in certainly not normally like that!

“The plant was also extremely clean and tidy, with the workers manning their stations wearing the well-designed company workwear: grey and yellow go together nearly as well as SunGift’s grey and orange!

Another thing that was notable to me was the numerous quality control measures at each stage of the manufacturing process and numerous tests that are carried out to every single collector as it passes through. Watt also has its own in-house research and development department with a sun simulator, which allows product testing and continual improvements to be achieved, and an impressive training facility and ‘Watt Academy’.

Solar thermal has had a tough time over the past few years, but with the RHI now up and running it is now very financially attractive to invest in solar thermal (whether its heating hot water in your house, hot water with space-heating assistance or the huge opportunity within the agricultural and commercial markets). With the technical advantages of the Watt collectors and the experience of our team at SunGift I now feel we are really ready to bring this technology back to the forefront, which is where it deserves to be.

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