We all know that generating electricity on your roof can decrease your electricity bills, but how much is this worth and can you use this to predict your energy costs and savings into the future?

Solar panels are pretty robust. They can generate electricity for 25 years or longer (even on cloudy days), they require very little maintenance and are hardly any hassle. There’s no changing of suppliers to chase the cheapest deal or searching the web to find the latest offer. Because of this, we can predict the impact they will have on your energy costs into the future. Using our specialist solar design and simulation software we can predict the output of your solar PV system for each month of its lifetime. This can help you to quantify the likely future cost of the electricity generated by your system in terms of the cost per unit of electricity generated (you can then compare this to the cost of the electricity you are buying from your current supplier). It can also allow you to understand just how much of your electricity needs could be met by the sun.

The graph below shows how a solar PV system can reduce your electricity cost.


The figures:

Our typical domestic installation can produce electricity at 5.7 pence per unit for 25 years, including any on-going costs. We certainly feel that this beats any deal electricity supply companies can offer…

For our commercial customers the news is even better and a typical commercial solar PV system can generate electricity at just 3.9p/kWh over 25 years. Having this assurance will aid your financial planning, providing cheap energy that’s also zero carbon.

Want to see if you can use more of the energy your panels generate?

Energy storage, whether its using the latest lithium ion or salt water battery, can help you maximise your usage of cheap solar energy, so your lights can be solar powered even when the sun’s gone down!