Social media is growing quickly and the renewable energy industry is now catching up, with the launch of Generaytor – a website that allows you to build a basic virtual solar PV system, estimate how much electricity you might generate, and compare it with other in your area and around the world.

The virtual PV system works by allowing you to enter approximate angles and dimensions for your roof, its general orientation and shading, and it then uses Google maps to help you pinpoint the approximate size of your roof.  It then uses data from others with PV installations in your area to estimate how much you could generate.

Of course, the best way to find out the potential of solar on your house is always to get SunGift along to carry out a free of charge detailed survey for you, then we can provide you with a no obligation quote that gives you an accurate estimate of how much electricity your system would produce, how much Feed-in Tariff income it would generate for you, and how quickly you would repay your initial investment.

To join the Generaytor network – either to compare your solar PV generation statistics with others or to build your virtual solar PV system, visit

Or for a free survey, bespoke design, full estimated figures, and detailed quote, contact the SunGift design team on 01392 213912,