We’ve built up a good relationship with the BBC over the past few years, as they’ve often come to us for stories, good examples of renewable energy installations, and comment on recent renewable energy policy.

So, this month we were delighted to give them an interview and introduce them to David Perry from Perry of Oakley, who we were installing a 150 kW solar PV system for.

BBC Spotlight correspondent Adrian Campbell was running a piece on the fact that that day the government had announced that it was removing support for solar PV farms larger than 5 MW in size, so that more focus can be place on rooftop installations on business and on houses.  This is, of course, great news.  It means that more emphasis can be placed on those of us that want to run our houses and businesses more sustainably and save a huge amount of money at the same time, rather than lining the pockets of overseas investors and spooling our countryside at the same time.

In addition to interviewing David Perry, our own Jamie Burnham was filmed on the roof of Perry’s in Dunkeswell as the first panels were going into place.  Their messages were simple – it makes absolute sense to install solar PV on your roof from both a financial and environmental perspective and if you have the roof space, why wouldn’t you do it?

To see the BBC Spotlight clip, click here