When we’re choosing the products that we install for customers’ we spend a great deal of time researching the quality and reliability of our suppliers. So it’s reassuring to know that one of our suppliers, JA Solar, has passed the world’s toughest test for performance and reliability – the TUV Thresher test – and not only did it pass the test, but also it got the highest marks in it!

The Thresher Test is an ‘accelerated test’ of a module’s long-term performance and reliability and it has an 80% failure rate.  By accelerating real-life conditions the test can predict the safety, reliability and performance of solar panels over their full 25-year lifespan.

So, why is this important? Put simply, solar panels become less efficient as they get older, but to pass the TUV Thresher test the panels have to demonstrate a loss of no more than 20% efficiency over their lifetime. In the tests the JA Solar panels demonstrated only a 3% loss, which means you can be confident in their level of performance year after year.

To find out more about the JA Solar panels or any other high-quality products that we use in our systems contact a member of the design team at designteam@sungiftsolar.co.uk or on 01392 213912.

To find out more about JA Solar panels visit http://www.jasolar.com/webroot/products/modules.php

To find out more about the TUV Thresher test visit http://www.jasolar.com/webroot/products/modules.php