This month we’ve been looking to the future of SunGift’s car fleet, by road-testing the new all-electric BMW i3.  Our managing director has had the breakthrough car on trial, with a view to introducing it to our fleet of corporate cars.  And best of all, the BMW has been plugged into the mains at our HQ on Christow road, where the electricity for the car has been generated by our solar PV array.

“This is the perfect solution,” said Gabriel, “a car that can be charged solely by the power of the sun, resulting in free travel and zero carbon emissions.  I hope that one day we’ll be able to do the same with all of our vans, then our business can operate with the minimum amount of environmental impact.”

“The car was a great drive too.  So quiet and perfect for driving around the city, with an 80-100-mile driving range.”

SunGift has already installed ‘solar car ports’ for a number of our customers, which allow them to directly charge up their electric cars using the solar electricity they have generated.

We featured the BMW i3 in SunGift news a few months ago (link), and the car is now available to buy from BMW dealerships.

For more information on our solar car port solutions or to find out how solar can be used to charge your electric car, contact one of our specialists on 01392 213912.

By SunGift Solar