…and how the Growatt could capture yours

Comment By Gabriel Wondrausch

For those of you that have read SunGift news for some time, you’ll know that I’ve been fascinated by battery storage technology for some time. You’ll also know that we have tested and introduced battery storage technologies to our services (see the new low-priced Growatt solution below), so I was immediately intrigued when TESLA announced the launch of its Powerwall battery a couple of weeks ago.

I’ve been a big fan of Tesla for a long time. I test-drove a Tesla Roadster; brought one to exhibit in Exeter in 2012; and have been quite open about how I believe electric cars are the perfect match to generating you own solar electricity. So, the movement of the company into battery storage is, I believe, an excellent boost for the industry.

How well the battery performs and exactly what it includes we don’t yet know, but the mere fact that they are ready to launch a product will help stir up the market, bring down the cost further and make it a viable option for many more homeowners. One thing’s for certain, just their presence in the industry will help push the technology of others on even further and make it a much more competitive market.

The move shows just how important the storage of electricity is for renewable energy, which is why we’ve been testing other new battery storage technologies over recent months. We currently offer two solutions – the Samsung ESS and the Growatt SP2000. The Growatt starts at just £3,500 installed, and we are confident that there will be further solutions in the next few years. You can read the full Growatt story here: http://goo.gl/aQlpC2

Solar continues strength growth
The UK solar market has continued its strong growth pattern, with domestic and commercial systems continuing to be installed. This is great news, but results in a slight Feed-in Tariff reduction (3.5%) in from 1 July, which applies to all roof-mounted systems except those between >10 kW and 50kW.

Also, in this month’s SunGift News you can read about my latest BBC TV appearance, our new lower-priced energy storage system, our second PV system at Farm Shop of the Year Darts Farm, a UK-first solar carport and more.

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Gabriel Wondrausch
Managing director