Exeter resident Mr Spencer had a solar PV system installed less than a year ago by a company from another part of the country.  But just a few  months after the work was completed he was devastated to find they had left numerous broken slates, panels that shook in the wind, and a system so badly fitted that water poured through leaks in his roof.

SunGift to the rescue
When Mr Spencer realised the extent of his problems he tried  to contact the original installer, but when he couldn’t get back in touch with them he contacted SunGift to sort out the mess.  Our expert installers immediately got on to his roof to inspect the work, and were appalled to see what they could only describe as ‘the worst example of a solar installation’ they have ever seen.

‘Inexcusable’ work
“The work was inexcusable,” said SunGift’s head electrician Phill Taylor.  “It’s clear evidence of how important it is for homeowners to do their research before employing anyone to install renewable energy on their property.”

Starting from scratch
We had to take the whole system off and start again almost from scratch.  We then re-started the installation, ensuring the fixing brackets were fitted under the slates as they should be rather than on top of them, that the roof remained 100 per cent water tight, and that the system was finished to an impeccable level.

“With solar PV, it’s not unreasonable to expect it to have a lifetime of 30 to 40 years, so for this system to be in a such a state after less than a year is a disgrace,” added Phill.

Trust a recommended specialist 
We always recommend that the first step is to ask friends and relatives for recommendations and to carry out  as much research as possible.  Independent website http://www.yougen.co.uk (see story below), is an excellent place to start. So, if you know someone that is considering getting solar PV, don’t let them make the same costly mistake as Mr Spencer.

To see more photos of the awful original install, click here