After installing a number of systems on schools and other buildings in Plymouth over the past couple of months, Plymouth Energy Community (PEC) have contracted SunGift to install another five systems for them. Totalling 140 kWp, we’ve already carried out work at Mary Dean’s Primary School, Salisbury Road Primary School, and Yealmpstone Farm Primary School and we will begin installing 80 kWps at Plaistow Hill Infant and Primary School and the Mount Batten Watersports and Activities Centre soon.

“Community energy programmes are becoming increasingly popular and widespread,” said Gareth Walton, SunGift business development manager, “providing benefits for not only the building that uses the energy, but also for local residents if they invest in the scheme. It’s great news that PEC are so happy with the work that we’ve already done for them that they’ve chosen us to install more solar PV systems for them.”

As reported in last month’s SunGift News, investors in PEC’s solar-powered community share scheme are receiving a guaranteed 6% return on their investment each year – much more than investors would receive in any high street bank.   What’s more the schools and occupiers of the other buildings are receiving clean renewable electricity at a cheaper price than from their energy supplier.

Anyone interested in investing in Plymouth Energy Community should visit

Schools or community organisations that have their own roof space and are interested in getting solar PV installed can contact SunGift Energy for more information on 01392 213912 or visit