At SunGift we don’t often see things in black and white, but last week we made an exception when our managing director Gabriel Wondrausch adopted a zebra at Paignton Zoo’s charity auction.

The Hartmann’s Mountain Zebra, which originates from South West Africa, is part of a European Endangered species Programme (EEP) as well as co-operative management of zoo populations world-wide.

“Paignton Zoo carries out tremendous work,” said Gabriel Wondrausch, “placing a huge emphasis on conservation and education to prevent the extinction of threatened species.  I saw this as a great opportunity to support them and help raise awareness of the work they do.”

Gabriel was the highest bidder in the zebra auction, which was just one of many auctions taking place on the night.

In addition, Gabriel’s adoption money will go towards general expenses to help keep Paignton Zoo running smoothly.  With an annual food bill of £300,000 per – including 800 lettuces, 20 crates of bread a week – the zoo has large veterinary care, heating and cleaning costs to help ensure its animals are cared for correctly.

To find out more about Paignton Zoo and the excellent work it does visit