SunGift Solar is pleased to have secured an order from ultrafast full-fibre broadband provider, Jurassic Fibre for its first solar PV installation.

The 100.05Kw system is to be installed at Jurassic Fibre’s premises at Bramble Hill Industrial Estate in Honiton.

Like SunGift, which has provided renewable energy to businesses and homes in the region since 2005, Jurassic Fibre has its roots in the South West and was founded in Sidmouth back in 2018. The company has made a commitment to improve its green credentials and ultimately achieve net zero carbon emissions.

Justin Doulin, Fleet and Facilities Manager at Jurassic Fibre said: “Jurassic Fibre is committed to doing our part to combat climate change and we are taking a proactive approach in making our organisation more sustainable and environmentally-friendly.

“We are grateful to SunGift Solar for helping us to take this next step in becoming a greener organisation by providing our Honiton headquarters with its first solar PV installation, enabling the premises to benefit from renewable energy and reduce our carbon footprint. We recently achieved Future Net Zero accreditation and are dedicated to completing more of our sustainability goals as part of our ‘Race to Zero’ pledge to become completely Net Zero by 2050.”

Jurassic Fibre opted for the highest specification solar PV system option presented by SunGift; a 100.05Kw installation with an output of 94,805. This represents CO2 savings (tonnes/year) of 49.20.

The installation, which includes a PV mounting system for a trapezoidal roof, is set to take place early in 2022 and will take between one and two weeks.

The system includes free secure online monitoring, allowing Jurassic Fibre to easily view real life data on performance of the solar PV system, including the current electricity generation, total electricity generated to date by the system and the amount of CO2 savings.

SunGift Founder Gabriel Wondrausch said: “We’re delighted to be working with Jurassic Fibre as a forward thinking, innovative South West business. We look forward to helping them on their journey to becoming a greener business.”

As well as meeting green aims, the solar PV installation for Jurassic Fibre will provide savings on electricity bills, protection from further increases in energy costs, and in readiness to meet Government net zero carbon emissions targets. The payback period for the investment will be less than seven years.

Pictured with SunGift’s Gabriel Wondrausch are Justin Doulin (Fleet & Facilities Manager), Michael Maltby (CEO), Adam Woods (Planning Manager) and Carl Hodge (Network Planner) from Jurassic Fibre.