Welcome to our spring newsletter.

Spring is a time of change and there’s been plenty of upheaval around the world recently. But, two things remain constant. Firstly, despite a slight dip last year, energy prices generally continue to rise. Secondly, the cost of renewable energy, especially solar PV, continues to fall.

So, despite subsidy reductions, solar PV is a financially attractive investment. Reductions in the cost of equipment have been faster and more extreme than anybody predicted, driven by a global increase in production. The upshot is, SunGift’s off to a flying start in 2017.

The march of progress is unstoppable. With leaps forward in energy storage and electric vehicles, and the fall in the cost of solar technology, the transition to a clean, sustainable future is happening at a pace.

In this newsletter, we’ve got handy information on buying a battery, as well as how to order your new Tesla Powerwall 2 battery. There’s a proposed increase in subsidies for renewable heating for homeowners and Elon Musk has offered to solve South Australia’s energy crisis… in just 100 days. Oh, and after installing solar at the Donkey Sanctuary, we’ve sponsored Eeyore!

Perhaps most excitingly, there’s a grant of up to £10,000 available for businesses that install solar or LED lighting.

All the best ‘til next time