I often stop to reflect on the exact moment I decided to spend my life working in renewables and the reason is clear: if you are starting from fresh, renewable energy is simply the obvious choice. What’s more, long term it’s inevitable that renewables will play the majority role in our ever-increasing energy supply.

Early in my career I attended a conference where Jeremy Legget spoke about The Tipping Point (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Tipping_Point) – a book explaining that major changes occur when a critical mass is reached, and the ‘momentum for change’ becomes unstoppable.  Recent news highlighting the continued growth of the industry reminds me of this phenomenon: yes, renewable energy made complete sense eight years ago, but more importantly it makes even more sense right now, and this leads us ever-closer to the ‘tipping point’.

Growing support renewables as heat grants DOUBLE

There is now growing support for renewables, and one particular example this month is news that the government has DOUBLED the upfront grants for generating your own renewable heat.

For SunGift and our customers this is excellent news, as we are now being asked to design and install an increasing number of combined renewable energy technologies including biomass, heat pumps, solar PV and solar thermal.  This month we’re highlighting one of our most recent biomass installations, and in future editions we’ll show you a variety of different leading-edge technologies that we have been installing.

Best wishes
Gabriel Wondrausch
Manging director