Residents’ renewables’ drive will raise money for hall’s own renewables project

SunGift is supporting Shaugh Prior Village Hall’s bid to have an air source heat pump by putting up to £300 (depending on the size of the install) in their fundraising pot for every solar PV project that locals get SunGift to install.

Just a few months ago we installed the South Devon community’s solar PV system, and decided to help out when they decided to add their renewable energy provision by installing an air source heat pump.

“At Shaugh Prior Village Hall we are huge advocates of renewable energy,” said hall representative Elaine Smerdon, “but very few houses in the village have invested in their own systems.  We want the village hall to be a shining example of how beneficial energy efficiency measures can be, so after installing solar PV – which provides free electricity for us – generating our own heat was the obvious next step.  We were so pleased with SunGift’s work on our PV system that we not only asked them to install an air source heat pump but also negotiated a deal with them to contribute towards the cost of installing it. “

The deal means that every time a supporter of Shaugh Prior’s scheme gets a solar PV system fitted by SunGift, up to £300 goes into the pot for their new heat pump.

“The more locals we can get to ‘go green’ and have their own renewable energy installed, the nearer we get to our £13,000 target for our new heat pump,” added Elaine.  “What’s more, we’ll be helping to make Shaugh Prior and the south west a more sustainable place, which has got to be a good thing.”

Anyone wishing to help Shaugh Prior reach its target can either contact Elaine for more details (07763 034793) or go to SunGift Solar directly, mentioning that they would like to support the scheme.

A number of grants and incentives are available community organisations, particularly those that are off the gas grid and can make even better use of technologies such as heat pumps and biomass boilers.

For more information on how SunGift can help get your community scheme off the ground, email Joe Perry ( or call 01392 213912