Are you happy to open your doors to show others your renewable technologies?

Every SunGift customer has a home that has been ‘greened’ in some way – whether that’s through a solar PV installation, solar thermal, ground source heat pump, biomass boiler, energy efficiency measure…or a combination of these – so we’re looking for some proud householders who are happy to show others around their pads.

The initiative, which takes place on 17 and 18 May is all part of ECOE’s Green Homes event, which aims to show residents from in and around Exeter some of the best examples of sustainable energy and how practicable they are for others too.

So, if you’re producing your own renewable energy, have made energy efficiency improvements to your home (it might be something as simple as insulation or effective draught proofing) and would like to inspire others to follow your lead, all you have to do is contact ECOE and make your house available to others for between two hours and half a day.

For more information, click here for the Green Homes Flyer:

For more information or to volunteer your home, contact Gill Wyatt on, 07806 623311.