Welcome to SunGift’s Christmas Newsletter!

We’ve got loads to shout about this festive season, to help you save money, and the environment.

It’s clearer than ever that renewable energy is at the forefront of a coming energy revolution. This is being driven by the rise of energy storage and reductions in the cost of renewable energy.

“What we see going forward is nothing less than a revolution in the provision of our energy.” Cordi O’Hara, director of the UK System Operator (which operates the electricity system as a whole).

Energy storage will promote energy independence and reshape the way the grid works. It’s a complex area, but we’re experts in it and our commercial storage offering is on the way. To read more click here.

In other energy storage news, read on for details of a brand new Tesla battery, which will be available soon exclusively from Tesla certified installers.

So, how are my own Tesla batteries faring? Now winter’s here my heat pump will be working hard. But, the beautiful clear days we’ve been having are great for solar output as they keep the panels cool, helping them work at high efficiencies. So, my Tesla batteries are still storing energy from these bright but chilly days, which can then be used to heat my house.

Other news this month:

  • New grant for businesses to charge electric vehicles
  • New and improved way to direct your excess solar power to heat your water, creating extra energy savings for you
  • Take a look at our video to see how you could save with energy-efficient LED lighting
  • Refer a friend this Christmas and choose your gift

Have a very merry Christmas everyone!