Earlier this month, I was thrilled to hear that the government has taken a more common-sense approach and shifted its emphasis from ‘renewable energy at any cost’ to ‘renewable energy that benefits regular householders and businesses’.

Over the past few years we’ve been seeing solar farms popping up all over the countryside, but just a couple of weeks ago the government announced that subsidies for the largest solar farms (above 5 MW) will be reduced and that there will be more focus on smaller, rooftop systems. We’re not clear what the additional support will be for regular systems, but it’s promising to know that the focus will be moved back to rooftop solar. The price of solar PV installations has settled over the past year and with much more stable and predictable Feed-in Tariffs it’s no surprise that – as the economic horizon is starting to look more promising too – more businesses and householders are once again purchasing solar PV systems.

We’ve got examples below of businesses and householders who have recently made the most of the opportunity, as well as updates on what we’ve been up to over the last month including our recent appearance on the BBC, our support for two worthy local groups and the SunGift Solar Van which has been spotted in many local communities, towns and villages. Find out more about these stories and more in this month’s SunGift News.


Gabriel Wondrausch
Managing director