We have just said goodbye to Charlie Sumeray, our summer intern from the University of Exeter. Renewable Energy Engineering graduate Charlie is now in his final year, working towards his Masters.

Charlie says he was always keen about engineering, using his skills with physics and maths for tasks involving logic and problem solving. At the same time he inclined towards renewables, with an interest in sustainability and being environmentally conscious.

For Charlie, the key to his studies has been to specialise in something that will make a positive impact.

The Renewable Energy Engineering degree covers the basics but also allows for specialised study. Part of the course is a module looking at advanced information for sources of power and Charlie studied solar.

He joined SunGift for a 14 week paid internship starting in June. The role enabled him to understand programming and how to design and price up a solar system. He went out with the team on surveys and became familiar with elements such as the mounting of solar panels.

What impressed Charlie was the way the design team listened carefully to the requirements of every customer and really understood the unique characteristics of each site to ensure the best system design.

We wish Charlie the best of luck in his final year, and we may yet see him again once he’s completed his Masters!

If you are interested in joining us as a paid intern next summer we’d be happy to hear from you. Please get in contact.