Our philosophy centres around driving forward innovation and finding exceptional solutions to our customers’ renewable energy challenges, so on 12 April we were proud to once again be a sponsor of TedEx.

The groundbreaking event brought to Exeter an outstanding group of innovators, activists and performers who are changing the world through their pioneering work and ideas, including environmental guru Jonathan Porritt, Met Office lead Alberto Arribas, performance poet Matt Harvey and community dance team TR14ers about (http://tedxexeter.com/2013/03/14/tr14ers-about/)



The main thrust of the event was to ‘live’ the important questions facing us in all areas of life, including money, business, prosperity, sustainability, the environment, childhood and old age, community, society, science. Each speaker was chosen for their exceptional knowledge and insight into their particular subject and the day was also an excellent opportunity to be inspired by other attendees.

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