The SunGift Solar van has been out and about again this month, not only at photoshoots for the RNLI and the Ottery Food and Families Festival, but also at the first two days of the Devon County Show (before the bad resulted in it being called off) and at various roadside locations during the week.

Have you spotted the van?  If you do, why not tweet a picture of it to us and let everyone know where you’ve seen it  (

The strapline ‘Voted the UK’s No 1 solar installer’ has been emblazoned on the side, and – as we said last month – we’re planning on a different strapline every month.  So, come on, if you can think of a creative, inventive, and rather clever renewable energy phrase that would make people stand back and think, then why not send it through to or tweet it to us (  We’ve already had a few entries, but would like to see more suggestions please!