This electricity storage system delivers energy only when you need it

If you love your solar PV system but dream of storing the energy to use whenever you need it, the wait is now over.
Now, rather than having to use the energy when it is generated (or feeding it back to the grid), we have an energy storage solution that will hold the electricity for you until you require it to power your lights and appliances such as TVs, washing machines and vacuum cleaners.

For the past four years SunGift has been investigating a variety of different energy storage solutions, but until now they have either not been ready for the UK market or have been too expensive.  After rigorous testing though, we are excited to offer the Samsung Energy Storage System (ESS).

The Samsung ESS incorporates a lithium ion battery, which is specifically designed to store energy from your solar PV system to be used whenever you wish.  The stored energy can also be used for emergencies, on standby or for backup purposes.

The system has a full monitoring package, which you can access on the internet or through a mobile app, so you can check how much energy is stored and effectively use the power.

SunGift is the first solar panel installer in Devon and one of the first in the UK to be trained to install this technology.  It is well-respected, having not only been developed over many years in partnership with Sharp, but also it is the same technology that is used in BMW electric vehicles.

To find out how you can store the energy from your solar PV panels to use whenever you want, contact a SunGift expert on 01392 213912,

To find out more about the Samsung ESS visit (link to document on SunGift website).