Renewable energy becomes increasingly attractive

The renewable energy industry has witnessed a landmark occasion this month – the resolve of the biggest ever trade dispute between the EU and China.  The agreement, which follows a year of investigations and talks, has resulted in minimum price that Chinese companies can sell solar panels into Europe. This is positive news, as it is already helping to stabilise the solar market further, enabling us (and the rest of the UK solar industry) to plan our future better.

More positivity comes in the form of a report by the UK Energy Research Centre (  The review has found that the UK public unanimously supports renewable energy, citing it as ‘clean, efficient, fair, and safe’ – whereas the majority oppose nuclear power.

The Feed-in Tariff is also continuing to attract more people to renewable energy (particularly up to 250 kW installations),and we’ve just discovered that there will  be no drops in the Feed-in Tariff levels until January 2014.  Add that to the good weather we’ve seen lately resulting in high yields from PV systems, and the solar PV industry is continuing to prove itself to be an exceptionally stable low risk/high return investment.

This month we’ve got stories about a ‘solar slate’ installation on a church roof, a review of our first ‘meet the experts’ event, updates on the solar van, news about the latest renewable energy innovations and more.

Best wishes

Gabriel Wondrausch Managing Director