SunGift’s ‘solar car port’ has proven to be a hit with many of our customers, so when we saw this new solar car charger from Volvo, it was no surprise to see how much attention it has generated.  The ‘solar pavilion’, which looks similar to a butterfly’s wings, is constructed from membrane of solar panels, which expands like a pop-up tent and is held in tension by a single carbon-fibre tube.

What’s more, the canopy is designed in such a way to ensure that not only does it look aesthetically appealing, but also its curved PV panels catch the sun’s rays from every direction AND it packs away to fit in the car’s boot.

So, how long will it take to charge a car then?  Well, Volvo have designed the solar pavilion to work alongside its upcoming V60 plug-in hybrid (see image), and they say it will take 12 hours to charge the car.

We love the look, the feel, and the concept behind this, as it fits perfectly SunGift’s philosophy of finding high quality innovative approaches to deliver low-carbon results.  It’s a masterpiece of visual design, but if you’re looking to get the maximum efficiency for your money, then the cells that the pavilion uses are much lower efficiency than those that SunGift uses in our roof-top and solar car port solutions (and unfortunately,unlike our systems, including the ones on our car ports,Volvo’s pack away charger doesn’t generate excess electricity for your house or receive Feed-in Tariff payments!).


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