Electric cars are the future and a new grant for businesses (on top of the existing one for consumers) and tax relief are paving the way.

We’re really excited to have teamed up with eo, who’ve designed an intelligent and reliable electric vehicle charger that can be installed anywhere. The chargers are really easy to use. eo is a British business and the chargers are also made in Britain.

eo’s Genius software, which comes with the charger, allows you to monitor charger use, manage multiple chargers, and loads more. You can have a look at eo’s brochure here.

And the best bit?

There’s now a grant of £300 available towards the cost of workplace chargers. You’ll need to get the charger installed by an approved installer and SunGift will shortly be on that list.

What’s more, the Chancellor recently announced new tax breaks for businesses that spend on electric car charging points.

So, if you’re business has one or more electric vehicles, or has been thinking about getting them, now is a great time to get involved.

As well as saving on petrol or diesel costs, you’ll be cutting down on air pollution. Particulate matter, which is just one nasty found in exhaust gases, causes 29,000 deaths per year in the UK.

Solar PV and electric cars are a winning combination. If you already have solar PV, or are considering it, you could charge your vehicles using solar power. And, if you pair the solar with energy storage, you can charge with solar power even when the sun’s gone down.

To talk to us about electric vehicle charging, including details of the new grant call us on 01392 213912 or email us on info@sungiftsolar.co.uk