One of the wonderful things about SunGift customers is that you continuously give us new and exciting challenges, which inspire us to develop new ideas and find even more effective ways of working. September’s SunGift News contains some first-rate examples of this.

This month’s edition includes us being shortlisted again for the UK Solar Installer of the Year award, two exciting new commercial projects (including a UK first!), an outstanding new team member, and an invitation for SunGift to represent the industry and put forward our views to the government on the future of the Feed-in Tariff.

I am often caused to reflect on the future of solar power – where it is heading, how it can help us become less reliant on fossil fuels, and how much further it can develop – and the most exciting part for me is that we are still at the very early stage of this journey.

While solar and other forms of renewable energy are already helping people live more sustainable lives, the constant discoveries, technological developments, acceptance that renewable energy is the way forward, and financial benefits mean that we have a very exciting and positive future ahead of us.

I look forward to sharing with you more exciting solar breakthroughs, project innovations and advancements in technology in future editions of SunGift News

Gabriel Wondrausch
Managing director