Ground-mounted system puts business a step closer to 100% self-sustainability

When your business is built on the healing power of nature, finding ways to be kind on the environment is of paramount importance to ensure the longevity of your product. 

Kobashi Essential Oils believes so strongly in long-term energy security through renewable energy that owners Scott and Lynda Ballard are working towards 100% self-sustainability at their farm and warehouse based in Dunsford on the outskirts of Dartmoor National Park. They already had in place an impressive array of energy-saving measures and renewable energy technologies – including solar thermal, 10kw and 4kw solar PV (supplied by SunGift in 2011) thick insulation, LED lighting, and energy efficient heating – before they came to us for a larger solar PV solution.

Bespoke 61 kW ground-mounted system gives return on investment of 17.4% per year

After surveying their site, we designed and installed a bespoke 61 kW ground-mounted solar PV system. Featuring Trina Solar Honey modules and Sputnik Engineering SolarMax Inverters, the system generates so much energy renewably that in addition to using the energy they generate on site the PV has exported 81,301 kWh back to the grid (that’s the equivalent electricity used by 24.63 homes in a year!). This will also give Kobashi a quick payback period and an extremely high return on investment – an exceptional 17.4% per year.

“Since around 2000, I have been interested in renewable energy options,” said Scott Ballard. “Growing up in America in the 1970s witnessing the fights at the pumps when the fuel ran out and living in air polluted cities LA and NYC taught me that relying on fossil fuels was not an option. Lynda and I believe wherever and whenever we can, we should create our own sustainable cleaner energy.

Continuing the path to 100% sustainability

In addition to the many measures that they already have in place the Ballards are determined to continue with their path towards 100% sustainability. Scott added: “We have just put a down payment on an Outlander PHEV 4WD SUV capable of 148 miles per gallon, which will be powered by the PV solar system. We only drive an average of eight miles a day, so in theory with its 32 mile range we can plug in and never use petrol again!”

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