Location: Numatic, Chard
Panels 1000
kW 250
tonnes of CO2 120

Powering ‘Henry’ HQ with renewable energy

250 kW solar PV array helps Numatic International meet its carbon reduction targets.

Numatic International – manufacturer of the world-renowned Henry vacuum cleaner – lowered its bills and boosted its environmental credentials by having a 250 kWp solar PV system installed.

Designed and installed by SunGift Energy, Numatic’s 1,000-panel system is sited on three roofs at its HQ in Chard, Somerset, and generates 235,000 kW hours of electricity each year (the equivalent annual electricity usage of 71 homes). It helps power thirty computer-controlled injection-moulding machines and reduces carbon emissions by more than 120 tonnes of CO2 per year.

Solar combats Numatic’s rising energy costs

“This is a flagship system and a clear demonstration of how beneficial solar PV systems are for commercial businesses,” said Gareth Walton, business development manager at SunGift Energy. “Like many other organisations with high and rising energy costs, Numatic’s system reduces its energy bills and carbon emissions, while boosting its green credentials.”

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How solar panels help meet carbon-reduction targets

Numatic has been involved in carbon reduction, as part of the UK plastics industry scheme, since 2009.

“This is an exciting development for us,” said Numatic property manager Andrew Smith, “and an important step towards meeting our carbon reduction targets. This, combined with a number of other investments, will take us towards our challenging goal – and with rising energy costs, it is more important than ever.”

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